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Advertising clips for ticket purchasing service

Objective: To create clips for our longstanding partner, the main information resource of Sakhalin Oblast. Its Ticket.Sah.com division acts as a single ticket center for entertainment in the region. The main criteria are showing the main directions (cinema, theatre, concerts) and emphasis on buying in a mobile application.

Solution: Even at the concept stage, we distributed scenarios for each direction, focusing on individual target audiences. And when we reached the point of purchase, we changed the emphasis from the process of spending money to the pleasure of attending a concert, a show or a performance.

That’s why the idea of a portal appeared, which instantly takes the characters to entertainment. The double meaning of the word was also flirted favorably: a portal as an Internet resource and a portal as a way to move around in space. Once we had decided on the characters and the central action, all we had to do was link it up in spectacular videos.

Process: To show the locations we chose real objects and items: an office desk with a stationery, a game console in front of the TV, theater and cinema chairs.The movements had to be controlled by a line and then by the magic of cleanup and tracking.

Under the conditions of tight deadlines, we developed appropriate characters for the audience, which both organically managed real objects and showed the right emotions.


Year of creation:
1 month

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