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Commercial offer in video format

Client: ELCOM+
Objective: To develop a commercial proposal in video format

The task was to produce a clear and attractive video commercial offer, which can be sent out or attached to the site.

Our solution:

The client turned to us with an interesting task — to create a succinct video, which will explain in simple language the specifics of a complex product.

«Elcom+» is an international company with its head office in Tomsk, which develops dispatching software for enterprises. The software allows to organize communications in the company through a modern digital radio system, which increases the level of security and efficiency of the company. Video presentation is necessary to explain the working principle and values of the software to the customer. Complexity and problem in communication arose at the stage of providing a heavy commercial offer to the client.

The process:

We created a colorful animated video based on all the laws of composition and structure of the script, which was placed on internal and external platforms.

  • First of all, we studied the product, features and competitive environment of the customer.
  • Development and approval of the script took 15 days, taking into account the formation of 5 versions to choose the client.
  • Development of illustrations and images took 3-4 days. We have displayed as much as possible all features of production, without overloading the visual range.
  • Creating the animation took about 4 days. We tried to make the video colorful, dynamic and exciting. At the same time, we kept and worked through all the details of technology and visual design.
  • The script was sent to the announcer, and then agreed with the client.
  • The total development period was 30 calendar days.
  • The following people took part in the work: scriptwriter, director, illustrator, announcer, animator, sound engineer, producer, colorist.


The result:

Today the video is successfully used by the company as a commercial offer and training material for new employees.

  • The video was presented at the international partner conference, where more than 30 partners were present. As a result, it produced a wow-effect.
  • A representative of Motorola Solutions requested the video for demonstration in his country.
  • The video is shown at all meetings and receives only positive feedback on its simplicity and accessibility of narration.


Client feedback:

«We express our gratitude to the studio «Nightingale» for creating a video about our solution «SmartPTT Express». Production of this video was timed to the international conference, which was attended by 37 partners from 18 countries. The purpose of this video was the presentation of a new product.

The video was demonstrated to conference participants as part of the solution presentation at the business part of the event. As a result of this presentation, negotiations are already underway on several projects. The event was also attended by representatives of the vendor — Motorola Solutions. They highly appreciated the quality of the produced video and requested it for their use to promote the solution through their channels.

At the moment the video is available on the product’s website and on YouTube channel. Our sales staff as well as the CEO use it at meetings with partners on business trips and note that it is a very convenient promotion tool, as it allows you to briefly and concisely present information about the benefits of the solution.

We would especially like to note the speed of production of the video. Despite the complex technological subject matter and diverse content, the video was prepared in a short time, taking into account all the wishes and corrections. The result was received in time and completely satisfied us.

We thank the staff of «Nightingale» studio for their work and look forward to further cooperation!

With respect, Julia Zvonkova. Acting Marketing Director Elcomplus» Ltd.»



The case received two Motion and After Effects tapes from the professional website Behance:



The video's been worked on by:
  • - Director
  • - Scriptwriter
  • - Illustrator
  • - Announcer
  • - Animator
  • - Sound director
  • - Producer
  • - Colorist
Year of creation:
1 month

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