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Frequently asked questions

We have collected FAQ and tried to answer briefly.
If you have any other questions, send them by e-mail . We will answer within an hour.

How much does a video cost?

A video is a creative product. And its cost depends on the labor costs for a particular task. Therefore, in most cases, the cost is calculated individually on the basis of the brief and TOR.

We also have developed the Tariffs of videos.

In some cases, the customer indicates a specific budget figure. Then we prepare the solution within this budget, provide a cost estimate, a description of milestones and deadlines.

What are the deadlines for making videos?

Production time depends on complexity, detail, and timing of your video.

Approximate dates can be called, based on experience.


  1. Videos up to 20 seconds for the TV — Simple = 24 hours
  2. Videos up to 20 seconds for the TV — Good = 1-3 days
  3. Videos up to 20 seconds for the TV — Excellent = 5-10 days


  1. 1-minute Videos — Simple = 1-2 weeks
  2. 1-minute Videos — Good = 2-3 weeks
  3. 1-minute Videos — Excellent = 3-4 weeks


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In case of emergency, we can fulfill your order in a short time and work 24/7.

This will speed up the creation process by 2-3 times and increase the cost by 70%.

What is the difference between an expensive video and a cheap one?

  • the depth of script development
  • the complexity of animation
  • detail and style of illustrations
  • the existence of characters
  • talker’s fame
  • required music license
  • further work on the video (promotion, editing to increase conversion)

Will the video help to hike up the sales?

Of course! The video should solve the key task. If it does not solve it, it’s a bad video. It is important to establish the process from script to music selection.

Then, a basic promotion that shows your audience the key value and benefits of your product, in this case your video will definitely hike up your sales.

How to choose a video Studio?

The matter of trust is very important for any customer. Especially when ordering such a complex and poorly understood product like a video.

Currently, only 4 of the 10 video studios that you will find in the search will answer the phone, only 2 will promptly assess your task, and only a handful will perform at the proper level. Therefore, it is important to find a reliable contractor who will not just happen to be only a mediator between you and a lot of freelancers.

A video is the result of the whole team’s work. But if the team is divided, not ready to dive into a client’s product, and there is not enough understanding and common vision with each other (as in the case of freelancers), the result will be far from the desired.

It is important to check:

  • The presence of its own team of specialists
  • The level of professionalism = the complexity of the Studio’s work
  • Work experience = the number of projects completed
  • Speed of response to a request
  • The availability of guarantees for the term
  • Willingness to work for the result.

How to evaluate the video results?

A video is the most attractive format of the content for users, and the most effective marketing tool.


  • The views and the percentage of «retention» show how interesting the movie is for the target viewer.
  •  The value of the result. For example, the cost of subscriber per channel or lead to a website.
  • Conversion to a target action is an indicator of how «hooked» the viewer is.
  • Return on investment (ROI) is payback.
  • What profit does the video bring for a certain period and from what channel?

What gives the video?

A video is always a solution to a specific task. And if the video solves it, it is a GOOD video. If it doesn’t solve, it’s a BAD video, even if it is very beautiful and your friends like it.

A high-quality video helps to:

  • convey all the benefits of the product to the viewer;
  • show the use of complex products, services, and technologies;
  • enhance the memorability of the brand and strengthen the company’s image in the eyes of the viewer;
  • increase the website’s conversion rate up to 60%. That is the conversion of our «About the product in 60 seconds» format.
  • tell about the product around the clock — 24/7 and replace 10 sellers.
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