We create a commercial
offer in video format
with predictable results

We show a product in 60 seconds
We hike up the sales via video
We strengthen the image of the company

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Tariff: Nominal

Optimal result, it is needed to show the product

Tariff: Standard

The best price/quality

Tariff: Image

Maximum result
from a video


You get a good animated video, which will effectively solve one of the advertising campaign tasks and form loyalty to your brand.

For whom is it suitable?

A minimum level of self-respecting company that follows the path of active development and implements modern tools. Examples


Up to 20 days



The main product of our company, which is the professional standard of animated video. The key difference is the price/quality ratio - the video gives a high conversion rate at an optimal price.

For whom is it suitable?

Suitable for companies that count money, want a high return on the marketing budget, looking for a guaranteed result, thinking about the quality of positioning and promotion. Examples


30 days



The video sets your company apart in the industry. We have a product in our hands that competitors are demonstrating as an "example". The video builds trust, helps attract large customers and investors, and raises the price of the product.

For whom is it suitable?

To market leaders who set the standards in the industry or to those who want to get ahead of the leader. Those, who want guaranteed brand attention and maximum efficiency from promotional activities in the future. Examples


45 days


Phases of work

1. Define the task,
time frame and cost

2. Write the script

3. Record a talker

4. Draw illustrations

5. Animate

6. Add sounds

7. Promote a video

8. Video clip solves
the key task!


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